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Pro Staging Tips for Selling Multifamily Property in Kansas City

August 22nd, 2020
Selling Multifamily in Kansas City

Multifamily Kansas City. Tips for staging and listing your multifamily property.

Do you need some Pro Staging Tips for Selling Multifamily Property in Kansas?

Are you Selling Multifamily Property in Kansas?  One of the most important things to know is that properly Staging a multifamily property in Kansas is an art that few have mastered as effectively and skillfully as our seasoned experts at Lutz Sales + Investment, the top multifamily real estate brokers in Kansas. We are well-versed in the art of staging a multifamily apartment building or property to attract buyers and tenants, and present the property as a successful money-minting machine.

Naturally, all prospective buyers and investors are motivated by the sight of strikingly decorated and well-staged multifamily buildings, as they hint the profitability and success of the investment.


Here are some of our insider secrets to staging a multifamily property Kansas City, MO


Declutter the Premises

If you have evicted all your tenants and want to present your multifamily property as a ready-to-move-in residential venue, decluttering is a very important part of the process. It is also painstakingly grueling and extensive, as you need to focus on decluttering the property from top to bottom.

This includes cleaning and tidying up every single apartment or unit, down to the garage, parking space and other amenities. You need to focus on eliminating all junk, dirt or dust that might distract the prospective buyers in a negative manner, along with eliminating all personalized elements left behind by your tenants.

Bright & Airy

When it comes to Selling Multifamily in Kansas City, working a pristine magic during a property showcasing or open-house, nothing works wonders like a room filled with sunlight. All you really have to do is open up the windows and do away all the curtains to invite sunlight into the room. The natural light of the sun always has a much more dramatic effect than any artificial lighting fixture, as it makes the space looks spacious, breezy and well-lit.

Address all Visible Repairs

This is an aspect that you simply cannot ignore as a seller because quite simply, it can make or break your deal. If a buyer spots any signs of visible damage or repairs, he/she is likely to imagine that the entire building or property is riddled with problems and defects. Therefore, be sure to eliminate all the major and minor repairs that are visible to the eye during a walk-in and examination of the building.

Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing screams new and polished like a fresh coat of paint, and it will truly work wonders at giving your property an impressive curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint will help eliminate all the weather hazards and pools of dust lining the exterior of your property. It will help make the property look neater and more visually attractive for the buyers.

If you are thinking of Selling Multifamily Property in Kansas City, let us help!  Contact Us Today.

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