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List My Rental Property in Kansas City

July 1st, 2020

Multifamily Broker Kansas

Industry Insider Secrets for a Profitable Sale: List My Rental Property in Kansas City

At Lutz Sales + Investments, we always seek to empower and equip our clients with market research and industry insider tricks to ensure that they are well aware of their financial opportunities and their benefits.

In this article, we will help you understand some insider secrets about listing your rental property in the volatile real estate market of Kansas and make a profitable sale.


Here, take a look:


Demand Evictions & Undertake Repairs

As one of the pioneers in the selling rental properties in Kansas, our extensive experience dictates that sellers who seek the highest yields should focus on presenting the buyers with ready-to-move-in rental building.

Selling a rental property that is occupied with tenants, many of whom can be uncooperative and troublemakers, often causes sellers to loose thousands of dollars. On the other hand, evicting all the tenants and undertaking extensive repairs and renovations to improve the rental property and enhance its market value will pay off in terms of greater profitability.


Avoid Overpricing

Overpricing a rental property is the gravest mistake a seller can possibly commit, one that will cause the property to sit idle on the market for weeks, only to be reduce its listing price and its overall market value and prestige.

It is important to be realistic and pragmatic while pricing your rental property, as you want to attract motivated buyers with an aura of prestige, alongside triggering a competitive bidding war in the market. Remember, investors looking to buy rental properties are usually well-versed in market research and statistics, and will conduct extensive comparisons before making a final decision.


Professional & Immersive Imagery

Throughout our illustrious legacy as the top real estate brokers in Kansas, we have realized the one aspect of successfully closing rental property sales that can simply cannot be denied is the influence of professional, superior quality images. More recently, the real estate industry of Kansas and Missouri, like the rest of the United States, has been overtaken with the innovations of drone technology and aerial imagery.

Prospective buyers and investors expect to examine the rental properties through professional images, aerial footage and drone shots that allow them to debate the pros and cons of visiting the property for a showing. However, before you photograph the property, be sure to stage and style the entire space to beautify the appeal of the interior and architecture.


Hire an Experienced Real Estate Broker

At Lutz Sales + Investments, we are listing specialists and experts in selling rental properties across Kansas and Missouri, yielding impressive profits for our clients. You see, an experienced real estate agent who specializes in rental properties can help you work on avenues and measures that will increase your profitability and overall market value. We are always focused on empowering our clients with transparency and industry insider knowledge, alongside apprising them of the best financial and legal options available to them.

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