Raytown Cul-De-Sac Package

5941-5947 Raytown Road, Raytown, MO 64133

Units: 8
Price: $895,000
Year built: 1954


Description: Four duplexes on one cul-de-sac located in the heart of Raytown, Missouri. Six out of the eight units are already renovated and achieving market. The property offers two-bedroom units with washer-dryer hookups, single-story living, and parking.

Why we love it: Own an entire cul-de-sac in the heart of growing Raytown, Missouri! Renovated two-bedroom units with in-unit laundry have huge demand in the area. This is really the ideal rental property investment, mostly renovated units with future upside and cash flow from day one!

The challenge: 1950s construction with two units that still need updating to achieve maximum rental rates.

Buyer Detail and Financials


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