KCK 4 Home Package

Kansas City, Kansas

Units: 4
Price: $330,000
Year built: 1950-1958


This is a package of four performing single-family rental homes located near one another in Kansas City, Kansas (KCK). Houses are well-maintained 1950s construction with a mix of 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes, all with one bathroom. All properties are currently leased, providing the buyer with stable cash flow from day one. Mix of month-to-month and year-long leases.  Tenants love the quiet community and suburban feel of KCK while still being nearby to jobs and entertainment.  


Why We Love It: Low expenses with good in-place cash flow from day one. Single-family rentals are in huge demand as rentals. 

Challenges: The economies of scale are tough on single-family rentals, and someday you might find yourself in the same position as this owner, wanting to trade up into larger properties!


Property Addresses:

4900 Parkview Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66104

6020 Freeman Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66102

6308 Georgia Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66104

6400 Rowland Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66104

Buyer Detail and Financials


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