Want to buy or Sell your multifamily kansas city?  Michelle Lutz works exclusively with buyers and sellers of small to medium sized multi family and retail properties. Michelle has a wide range of real estate experience. We have become the go-to agent for out of state investors who seek the higher returns found in the Kansas City market.

As an investor herself, Michelle is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of acquiring and managing commercial real estate. She is diligent about matching investors to their desired acquisitions. Michelle is a local market expert who gives her clients a leading edge when it comes to ensuring their goals are exceeded when buying and selling real estate.

If you need to sell your multifamily property in Kansas City, MO,  Lutz Sales Investments is a Top Multifamily Broker Kansas City. We can help you list your property and sell fast with our years of service and professional reputation.  We are Kansas City, Missouri’s Top Multifamily broker guaranteed and can help your buy or sell your duplex, triplex, quad, apartment building and fast.

Looking for a Multifamily Broker in Kansas City?

Need to sell your multifamily Kansas City property fast?

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Selling and buying multifamily properties typically tend to be more challenging and complicated as compared to single family homes and other residential properties. The process involves more than one owner or couple, but in fact, it involves 6-12 individual.

For sellers, the process tends to be even more tiresome and complicated as they are dealing with around 5-12 families in one property. The sellers and buyers of multifamily properties have to mindful of a wide range of legalities, federal regulations, market rules and financial complexities, which requires them to be aware of the laws and rules pertaining to multifamily homes. These laws and regulations tend to vary, depending on the cities and states across the US.

Hiring a multifamily real estate broker is crucial and instrumental for both. 

Those who are selling multifamily Kansas City, and investors interested in buying rental property in MO.

Here are some reasons why hiring the top multifamily brokers in Kansas is your best decision…

Extensive Experience

As pioneers among multifamily specialists in the Kansas real estate market, we pride ourselves for our extensive experience, and a satisfied clientele of illustrious investors and gleeful sellers. At Lutz Sales + Investments, our team of top multifamily real estate brokers is equipped with a unique set of credentials and skills that allow us to maneuver our way through each challenge and every complication.

Whether you seek to acquire a multifamily investment in Kansas City, or you want to reap the highest, most profitable value after disposing off your multifamily property, our team will provide you dedicated, reliability, and competent performance.

Community Leaders

Lutz Sales + Investments has a well-reputed and credible image in the real estate community of Kansas City and Missouri at large, marked with reliability, dedication and superior excellence. We are driven to serve our clients and our community at large, and we strongly believe that we are destined to play a detrimental role in advancing the growth and innovation of the Kansas real estate market.

Our clients can trust us to provide services that are marked with sheer excellence and unparalleled commitment. Nothing less can be expected from the top multifamily brokers in Kansas.

Transparency & Reliability

Our team is vigilant and dedication to provide a quick response engagement to address every requirement of the client. As the top multifamily brokers in Kansas, we are committed to ensure that our services are marked with transparency and reliability, and we always focus on empowering our investors, buyers and sellers with market awareness, and knowledge.

If your looking to sell your duplex, triplex, apartment or multifamily home in multifamily Kansas City, contact us here


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