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Multifamily Broker Kansas City: Listing with Michelle Lutz

June 1st, 2020

kansas city multifamily broker, top multifamily broker kansas city, Michelle LutzTop Multifamily Real Estate Broker Kansas City: Benefits of Listing with Michelle Lutz

Attention Sellers and out of State Investors

Are you ready to embrace the challenges of selling a multifamily home? While buying a rental property in Kansas City is widely considered one of the most profitable investments across the real estate industry, selling a multi-family property in Kansas can be a challenging and complicated process.

However, if you choose to list your multifamily property with Michelle Lutz, the top multifamily real estate broker in Kansas City, you can sit back, and relax while you make sure you gain numerous offers and enjoy handsome profits.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of listing your multifamily property with Michelle Lutz from Lutz Sales + Investments:

Stress-Free Profits

If you’re working with a real estate agent who does not specialize in multifamily properties, you will find yourself gripped with a great many hurdles, of which lease agreement violations and uncooperative tenants are only a few to name.

You see, Michelle Lutz is a specialist, and one of the best multifamily brokers in Kansas City. Apart from having extensive experience in selling and listing multifamily homes, she is well-connected with a dynamic networking and support group across the industry.

Obtain Instant Offers

Lutz Sales + Investments caters to an extensive portfolio of high-end investors and high paying clients interested in buying rental property across Kansas. Michelle also has an extensive clientele of sellers and multifamily property owners, which has equipped her in the art of listing and marketing, allowing her clients to garner scores of offers, instantly.

If you want to avoid the mortification of having your multifamily property spend weeks on the market without garnering much attention, Michelle Lutz can help you reap the profits you seek without requiring too much effort on your part.


Reliable Coordination

Owners selling multifamily property in Kansas City often complain of being neglected or unheard by their real estate agents. Michelle has risen to the top and cemented herself amongst the leading multifamily brokers in MO by providing her clients her undivided attention, a dedicated commitment and utmost reliability.

She is always willing to address all major and minor complication, and provides each listing a dedicated amount of time to achieve the best possible results for her clients. Her commitment and reliability are the two factors that make her one of the best multifamily real estate brokers.

Kansas City, MO Multifamily Investments

May 1st, 2020

Kansas City MO fountain,What Makes Lutz Sales + Investments the Best Multifamily real estate broker in Kansas?


The competitive and volatile real estate market in Kansas is home to many a successful and highly esteemed brokerage firms and realtor corporations. However, our success and commitment to serving our clients with utmost dedication has allowed us to swiftly rise to the top and maintain our position amongst the top multifamily real estate agents with a healthy and flourishing clientele.

So, what makes us the best multifamily real estate brokers in Kansas City? In this article, we will walk you through the strengths that set us apart in the industry, and make us the safest choice to safeguard your financial interests and real estate investments.


Corporate Integrity

Over the years, the leadership of Michelle Lutz has allowed Lutz Sales + Investment to carve out an inspiring corporate legacy marked with integrity and a dynamic industry presence. Our corporate values, dictated by reliability, trust and transparency, have allowed us to rise as industry leaders in a volatile and competitive market.

Our greatest strength is our corporate integrity, which encourages our team members to continually rise beyond and above their potential, and help clients set soaring goals of profitability and wealth generation.


Unique Set of Skills

As specialists in selling multifamily properties in Kansas, alongside buying rental properties, and identifying the best places to invest in Missouri, we assist our clients by intermingling traditional industry values with modern practices.

Our team comprising of the top real estate brokers in Kansas is well equipped with impressive credentials, extensive experience and innovative tools that aid our clients and investors in navigating the real estate industry on their terms. We assist our clients in generating and preserving their wealth by ensuring successful real estate sales and investments.


Reliable Assurance

Aside from the perks of generating passive income streams and the joys of generating sufficient wealth to finance an early retirement, the real estate market demands lengthy paperwork, extensive research and scores of legalities. Not so much fun, right? Our strategy is focused upon assisting our clients with research, expert advice, and time-tested, pragmatic strategies aimed at fueling profitability and minimizing losses.

As specialists in multifamily properties and rental buildings, amongst a variety of other commercial and residential investments, we understand the legalities and challenges faced by our clients, and address them effectively before they can trigger any complications. Our services are marked with reliability, and no requirement is too big or too menial for us to address.

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Kansas City Multifamily Home | Tips for Selling

April 22nd, 2020

Kansas City Multifamily, Kansas City MO multifamily, kansas city multi-family

Here are some great Tips for Selling a Kansas City Multifamily Home

2019 is a terrific year for selling multi-family property in Kansas City given the rise in millennial buyers, the vigorous job market, and steady reduction in mortgage rates.

Buyers across Kansas and Missouri are increasingly interested in investing in multifamily homes, and as one of the leading multifamily brokers in MA, we can help you understand the basics of successfully selling your property with a handsome profit.

Let’s take a look at some industry insider tips for selling a multifamily home in Kansas City:

Do your Homework

It is important for multifamily property owners to do their homework, review all lease agreements, and prepare themselves for the selling process. Selling a multifamily property in Kansas is far more challenging than a single-family home, and these properties are primarily purchased by investors looking to open up new income streams. Selling of multifamily properties with uncooperative tenants can be a terrible ordeal, and property owners need to be mindful about respecting the rights of their tenants.

Home Maintenance & Improvement

As with any other property, a prospective buyer will only be attracted to your property as long as it is well maintained and attractive. Be sure to boost the curb appeal of the property by beautifying the garden, planting some rose bushes, and trimming away all shrubs and weeds that destroy the view.

The upkeep and improvement doesn’t stop at the curb appeal, but in fact, it also involves decluttering all the mess, and extensively cleaning up all the major parts of the property, including the rooms, kitchen, and laundry. The parking space must also be in pristine condition, and be sure to examine all the doors, locks and cupboards to make sure nothing is creaking or damaged.

Hiring Top Multifamily Brokers in Kansas

Hiring experienced and competent multifamily brokers in MO is an important decision for selling any kind of multifamily property, which tend to be trickier and challenging than other residential properties.

Much like a commercial real estate agent cannot help you sell a waterfront property, you need a top multifamily real estate broker with extensive experience in selling multifamily properties, and dealing with home staging and showings while tenants occupy the property.

The sale of a multifamily property involves a great many complexities and legalities, and at Lutz Sales + Investment, we address all your worries and woes, be it an uncooperative tenant, financial complexities or lease agreements.


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